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Architects' Journal

The new issue of The Architects' Journal is out, four building studies united by the theme of food, among them Charlie Bigham's Food Factory designed by Feilden and Fowles and photographed by me during a visit by journalist Hayley Chivers along with architect Edmund Fowles and Charlie Bigham himself five years after completion of Stage I of the project.

Charlie Bigham's Quarry Kitchen

The series Sleeping Space will be discussed in this event promoted by the Architects' Association of Modena

WIDE GAZE AND NARROW GAZE IN CITIES THAT CHANGE - Territorial research and architectural photography as evidence of urban transformation

conversation between the Sociologist Aldo Bonomi and Leonardo Brancaleoni, Livia Danese and Donata Sasso of "FA

Architecture Photography" How are urban territories changing, mirroring a changing society? How can architecture create inclusion by reshaping cities? In a society in full metamorphosis, places for sharing sociality are increasingly necessary. How can architectural photography become evidence of the transformation of use of buildings

industrial, cultural, residential, conveying the changed needs of a community?

Ex MOI Torino

SGUARDO LARGO E SGUARDO STRETTO NELLE CITTÀ CHE CAMBIANO - La ricerca territoriale e la fotografia d'architettura come testimonianza della trasformazione urbana

conversazione tra il Sociologo Aldo Bonomi e Leonardo Brancaleoni, Livia Danese e Donata Sasso di "FA

Fotografia dell'Architettura" Come stanno cambiando i territori urbani, specchio di una società mutevole? Come può l'architettura creare inclu- sione rimodellando le città? In una società in piena metamorfosi sono sempre più necessari luoghi di condivisione della socialità. Come può la fotografia d'architettura diventare testimonianza della trasformazione d'uso di edifici

industriali, culturali, abitativi, veicolando le mutate esigenze di una comunità?

31/03/2023 h 17:45

ex Cinema Arena (*) - V.le Tassoni 8 - Modena

It's now possible to pre-order "Sguardi contemporanei 2022", the project-manifesto of Fotografia della Architettura!
FA (Architecture Photography) is a webzine born in 2019 aiming to investigate Italian architectural photography.
Sguardi Contemporanei: 10 photographers x 10 photographs is a printed magazine, published yearly: it collects the looks of ten architectural photographers selected for their approach to the subject.
The unprecedented editorial graphics, curated by Rebecca Venzi and Federico Ambra, revolutionize the graphics of the past edition, drawing inspiration from the architectural elements featured in the shots. In this way, Sguardi Contemporanei also stimulates reflection on how graphics can interact with photography, adding drawing as a further element of the project's visual research.
The photographers involved were able to freely express their artistic vision, not only through the 100 photographs and texts that make up the collection, but also thanks to the insights and ideas born in the interviews curated by the team by FA — Architecture Photography, also published weekly on Youtube and Spotify.
Through the projects and the words of the young professionals involved, Sguardi Contemporanei collects an interesting and varied overview of the Italian architectural photography scene. Each author transmits his own experiences and approach, both artistic and interpretative, to stimulate a collective reflection: how can individual original gazes emerge in the rich and complex contemporary context of architectural photography? What characterizes and distinguishes a personal style? How can photographic reproduction become a tool for investigating and discovering the environment around us and man's interaction with it?
It'm pleased to be part of this project which my series "Sleeping Space".
You can find more on the project on their website and on their Instagram account, and order your copy from here


Editoria Architettura
Fotografia di architettura

It's now online the interview I recorded for the 2022 edition of "Sguardi Contemporanei", click on the symbol to watch it.

It's now online the interview I recorded for the 2022 edition of "Sguardi Contemporanei".

Stefania Miravalle
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