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Having grown up among developers, architecture has been a part of my life since the beginning.

Despite the long years spent working in the field, it took a while to honestly figure out why I decided to devote my photography to architecture; I knew that the reason lay beyond the interest, the habit and the experience. 

I can catch a glimpse of it in this picture, taken on a site in Canary Wharf.

I think it tells something about my perception of myself as a person and a photographer, and my perception of architecture as an event - designed and built by people for the people who will experience it - and a textual space that needs to be read, where concepts and answers to specific needs are materialised in specific choices. 

A particular combination of inputs forged my stylistic approach. While studying at university, I started working as a property manager in a team with architects and interior designers, on construction and renovation projects. ​This experience has taught me what is the impact and responsibility of those involved in the process, and it also proved to be a unique opportunity to approach construction and interiors from a visual point of view. 

I, therefore, deepened my interest in photography by studying first at the European Institute of Design (IED) and then graduating at CFP Bauer in Milan.

My background in Comparative Cultures has sharpened my sensitivity to the individual and society, as well as promoted my aesthetic sense, while my work has prompted me to reflect on how design influences living spaces; it also raised my awareness of the complexity of the processes involved and it introduced me to the technical aspects of construction; finally, long studies in photography have forged my technical and conceptual knowledge of the medium.


My approach is careful and thoughtful, imbued with consideration and rigour. I seek a deep understanding of design and I am inclined to investigate materials and the use of space through an intimate introspective process.

This is how my emotional and aesthetic experience of the place is visually combined with a more rational analysis of its characteristics and functions.


My works have been exhibited in Milan, Turin and at the London Festival of Architecture and published on editorial projects such as Architects Journal, RIBA Journal, Fotografia di Architettura and Lezioni di Fotografia.

Based in London, I undertake commissions for architectural, interiors and construction photography all over UK and Europe. 

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